Canim - Sono Eclipse - Inhaus Surfaces - 5.5 mm Waterproof Laminate Flooring

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25.37 sq ft / box

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About the brand

Vidar Design Flooring is a leading flooring supplier that offers a a great selection of high end Engineered wood flooring to to meet the needs of every home and office. As one of the Leading suppliers of engineered wood in Ontario today, Vidar Flooring continues to deliver durability and elegance to every home.


With its innovative waterproof mineral composite core, SONO Eclipse offers a whole new range of benefits in flooring. From superior stability and durability to stunning HD direct-to-core digital printing, SONO Eclipse is simply better—and better for you.


Inhaus floors are among the highest performing floors available. Ensure your floors continue looking great by following these easy-to-follow cleaning and care guides. Please carefully read all of the points outlined; and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


  • After installation, be sure to maintain your floor’s temperature and Relative Humidity in accordance with Inhaus guidelines.
  • Place floor mats and area rugs at to minimize damage from debris.
  • Place protective pads under furniture legs and other movable furniture.
  • Use protective mats under wheeled office-type chairs.
  • Avoid using polishes, waxes, or detergent-based cleaners as they will leave a film/residue on the surface of your floors and may cause damage beyond repair.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners on your Inhaus floors.
  • We never recommend flooding or heavy use of water on your floor.
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Producing high-quality floors is extremely important to us. However, in the event you encounter issues with your product and need to make a claim against the warranty, please contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.

Please note that our warranties are non-transferable. Warranties are only valid when products are used for their intended purpose and exhibit normal use. Carefully review your product’s terms of warranty for further information.

Inhaus warrants that:

  • The floor will be free from manufacturer defects.
  • The decorative surface will not wear through.
  • The floor will not fade due to sunlight or electrical light.
  • The floor will not stain.
  • Seams will not unlock under normal use conditions.
  • The floor will resist damage from water as outlined in the Lamdura Water Warranty section of this document.
  • The floor will resist damage from pet accidents as outlined in the Pet Accident Warranty section of this document
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