Primed Baseboard - Bevel Step - 10 feet

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Designed with everyday living in mind, Home Choice floors are characterful and versatile. Boasting a vast range of styles and colour variations, you’ll find a perfect floor for every room.


When it comes to primed baseboards, one popular option is the bevel step style. This style features a beveled edge along the top, creating a visually appealing and elegant look.

For a 10-foot length of primed bevel step baseboard, you will also need some accessories and trim to complete the installation. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Baseboard corner blocks: These decorative blocks can be installed at the corners of the baseboard for a clean and finished look.

2. Baseboard end caps: If your baseboard does not extend to a wall or doorway, end caps can be used to finish off the ends, creating a seamless appearance.

3. Baseboard connectors: These connectors are used to join two pieces of baseboard together if you have a longer wall and need to connect multiple sections.

4. Baseboard adhesive: This adhesive is used to secure the baseboard to the wall, providing a strong and durable bond.

5. Baseboard touch-up paint: Touch-up paint in the same color as the primer can be used to cover any small dings or scratches that may occur during installation.

Remember to measure the length of your walls to ensure you purchase enough baseboard and accessories to complete your project. Additionally, consider the style and color of your existing décor when selecting the trim options to ensure a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing result.

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Does the flooring come with matching transitions and accessories?

Yes. all of the products that we offer come with matching accessories and transitions. we can say that confidently because even if the manfacturer of the product does not offer it, we make them in-house to offer a complete line up of all of our products.

Do you provide installation services for the flooring you sell?

Yes we do. We offer installation services for the Greater Toronto Area and the rest of Southern Ontario. Please give us a call for more information: 647 461 4626

Where are you located?

We are a Canadian company located in Toronto. Our Office and showroom in located at 3938 Chesswood Drive, North York, ON, M3J 2W6

How far from Toronto will you ship out to?

We will ship out to all of Southern Ontario, up to 450 km in any direction.

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