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About the brand

Vidar Design Flooring is a leading flooring supplier that offers a a great selection of high end Engineered wood flooring to to meet the needs of every home and office. As one of the Leading suppliers of engineered wood in Ontario today, Vidar Flooring continues to deliver durability and elegance to every home.


It seems like you have provided a list of keywords related to the Vidar Macaroon American Oak flooring. Here is some information related to these keywords: - Vidar: Vidar is a brand or manufacturer of flooring products. - Macaroon: Macaroon is the name given to this particular color or finish option for the Vidar American Oak flooring. - American Oak: American Oak refers to the species of wood used in the flooring. It is known for its durability and warm, traditional appearance. - 10 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, 9 inch: These measurements likely refer to the width options available for the Vidar Macaroon American Oak flooring planks. - Accessories-hardwood: This suggests that there may be additional hardwood accessories available for the flooring, such as trim pieces or transition strips. - Beige: Beige is likely the color or tone option available for the Vidar Macaroon American Oak flooring. - Beveled: Beveled refers to the edges of the flooring planks, which are typically slightly angled or shaped. - Character: Character refers to the Natural imperfections and variations found in the wood, such as knots, mineral streaks, or color variations. This can give the flooring a more rustic or unique look. - Clean/Refined: Clean or refined likely describes the overall appearance of the flooring, indicating a more modern, streamlined look. - Floorscore: Floorscore is a certification program that tests and verifies the indoor air quality of flooring products. - Herringbone: Herringbone is a traditional and popular pattern in flooring installation, often seen in parquet-style designs. - Light: Light likely refers to the color or tone of the Vidar Macaroon American Oak flooring. - Matte: Matte is a finish option that gives the flooring a low-gloss or non-shiny appearance. - Natural: Natural likely refers to the wood being finished to highlight its Natural color and grain characteristics. - Plain sawn: Plain sawn is one of the methods of cutting the wood planks from the log, resulting in a distinct grain pattern. - Plywood Core: Plywood core indicates that the flooring boards have a plywood backing for added stability. - Select, Select & Better: Select and Select & Better are grading categories for wood flooring, indicating a higher quality and consistency in appearance. - Subtle: Subtle suggests that the characteristics of the wood, such as grain pattern or color variations, are more subdued. - Tongue & Groove: Tongue and groove is a type of joint used to connect the flooring planks together. - UV Lacquer: UV lacquer is a type of finish that is cured with ultraviolet light, providing added durability and protection to the flooring. - Wire Brushed: Wire brushing is a finishing technique that enhances the texture of the wood, giving it a more rustic or aged look. Please note that this information is based on general knowledge and assumptions made from the given keywords. It is always recommended to consult the specific product's documentation or contact the manufacturer for accurate and detailed information.



SpeciesAmerican Oak
Edge profileMicro Beveled
TextureWire Brushed
Gloss levelMatte
Install patternStandard


Plank width6 inch
Plank Length7 feet – Random length
% of full length planks in a box17% - 50%
Plank Thickness3/4 inch
Top Layer thickness2 mm
Side profileTongue & Grove



Type of finishMatte UV Bona
WarrantyLifetime structural, Limited 25 year finish
Country of ManufactureAmerican Oak, Finished in China
Core MaterialEucalyptus plywood



Vacuum the floor frequently to eliminate the presence of solid particles (such as sand) which may damage or scratch the floor. (Caution: Only use vacuums especially made for hardwood floor. Thevacuum should be in good condition thus no damage will be made to the floor finish).

Swiftly wipe the surface of the floor with the mop using a to and fro motion across the length of thefloorboards. Use non-wax flooring cleaner to keep the floor in good condition. Caution: The use of
ammonia is not recommended as it can discolor hardwood floor also it is very harsh on finishes; Use of
vinegar is not recommended. It is an acid that can etch the finish and create a dull look; Use of any oil
soap product is not recommended as it usually leaves a residue that can be sticky and difficult to removeas well as attracting dirt; The use of silicon products and wax

Rugs or mats at all entrances is recommended. Make sure it gets on the floor before removal of dirt andgrit. Shake out and wash rugs and mats regularly is necessary.

Routine maintenance would include not only sweeping, but vacuuming and dust mopping. Caution: Donot use a treated dust mop (Mop treated with silicone, wax or other treatments may damage your woodfloor finish). Never use a wet mop on your hardwood floor as excess water could harm the floor andcause premature wear. Wet mopping will void your warranty.

Use of felt protectors under furniture is recommended. When moving heavy furniture (fridges, pianos, etc.), please place a thick rug underneath thus less damage would made to your floor.

Do not wear shoes at home. Shoes can be very harmful to your floor because of the little pebbles can inthem and scratch the floor. And when the weather is bad, you may bring water and sometimes salt tohome thus damage the floor.

Although manufacturers’ finish delays and reduces most of the sun shading phenomenon that causes hardwood to darken and or lighten over time, your floor needs to be protected from sunlight and intenseartificial lighting to reduce discoloration of exposed wood. This phenomenon with hardwood surfaces is
normal and natural.

Because hardwood floor shrink and expand with changes in humidity, some control of interior humidity
should be in place to minimize the changes. This is part of hardwood floor maintenance. Preferred environmental conditions:

  • Average temperature: 68F to 72F
  • Average relative humidity: 40% – 50%

Lightly spray the cleaner ‘BONA’ on a five square foot section of the floor.

Never pour liquid directly onto the floor.

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Vidar Design Flooring warrants its pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring to be free fromdefects in the structure, machining, and final dimension under normal residential usage for a period of 25 years from the date of purchase.

We also warrants that its UV Cured aluminum oxide finish with residential application, used under normal residential conditions, with recommended maintenance procedures will not wear through or separate from the hardwood flooring. This warranty is effective for 25 years fromdate of purchase.

The warranty applies solely to original purchaser purchasing through an authorized dealer whereproduct have been paid for in full.

Normal Interior environmental conditions must be maintained. Normal interior environmental
conditions mean temperature between 68F-72F and relative humidity of 40% -50% year round. Environmental conditions outside these limits will void warranty.

It is allowed up to 5% waste factor or allowance for grading, natural or manufacturing defects. Any defect in the flooring that does not exceed this waste factor or allowance (up to 5%of thetotal square footage of the purchase) is NOT to be covered by the warranty. The defect under
the waste factor or allowance may include, but not limited to minor splitting, checking or
cracking occurred in some hardwood species sometime due to its nature, or minor scratch, damage or other finish defects occurred due to manufacturing reason in some hardwood

Vidar Design Flooring ’s liability under the warranty is limited to replacing only the boards
deemed defective. If Vidar Design Flooring is unable to provide a replacement, Vidar Design
Flooring will refund the purchase price of the boards deemed defective ONLY on a prorated basis, taking into consideration the remaining life of the limited warranty. Due to natural color
variations,UV light, and/or character marks, new or replacement flooring may not exactly matchsamples of existing flooring.

Slight color and tone variations may occur. This is to be expected and accepted when matching
old with new flooring.

The warranty does NOT cover any loss of time, inconvenience, incidental expenses, such as, but
not limited to cost and labor incurred in the removal or re-installation of the defected or affectedmaterials, and any other incidental or consequential damages or costs.

Failure to follow procedure of flooring acclimation (5-7 days for acclimation prior to installationis recommended) and qualify job site conditions may invalidate this warranty

This warranty covers the original factory finish only. Applying another finish and/or re-sanding
may damage the factory original finish and will invalidate the warranty again the finish wear. Seasonal expansion and contraction with minor gaping in the heating season is a normal
function of hardwood and is not considered a defect, hence not covered by this warranty.

Vidar Design Flooring is not responsible for any issues resulting from excessive moisture suchas
but not limited to: cupping,warping, shrinkage, twisting or buckling, splits and checks, any issues
resulting from sub-floor inadequacies or failure to follow maintenance procedures.

The warranty does not cover installation of defective boards, installation denotes acceptance. It
is the installer’s responsibility to examine the products prior to installation and cull out
unacceptable boards.

Any issue resulting from fire, intentional abuse, and damage caused by flooding, plumbing andappliance leak, water spillage, water leakage through sliding glass door, vacuumcleaner beater
bar, improper caster wheels, and cutting from sharp objects, and any exterior application, is not
covered by this warranty. Damage caused by pets, spiked heels, negligence, insects, wet moping, water or use of non-recommended maintenance procedures are also not covered by this

Variation of color, shade, or texture of the flooring delivered from those shown on samples or
photographs is not considered a defect. Discoloring from heat or sunlight, and gloss and color
reduction is not also considered a defect. Those are not covered by this warranty.

Following is to summarize additional EXCLUSION under this warranty; any claim under the
EXCLUSION is NOT to be covered by the warranty:

Natural Variation: Hardwood is natural product containing natural variation in color, tone
graining and other variation, such as mineral streaks, small knots and grain variation fromplank
to plank. In addition, due to its natural variation, a fully installed floor may have variation in color, tone and grain, or gloss difference with the samples which are for demonstrative purpose only

Improper Installation: The flooring must be installed according to the installation instruction by
NATIONAL WOOD FLOORING ASSOCIATION (NWFA). It is also to be treated as improper
installation if it is under improper storage, handling, and improper preparation of, or deficiencies
in the sub-floor/floor joist assembly, including but not limited to excessive floor deflection, uneven or irregular sub-floor surface or voids in the sub-floor. Defects or failure of other
manufacturers’ products at the sub-floor assembly, such as sub-floor materials, fasteners, patching compound, adhesives, and other floor covering are not to be covered by this warranty.

Improper Maintenance: Besides what has been mentioned in this warranty, other improper
maintenance includes but not limited to using of non-recommended maintenance and floor-careproducts, such as oil soaps, liquid or paste wax products, other household cleaners containing
lemon, orange, or tung oils; neglecting or abusing of floor, such as not taking proper precautions
to protect furniture legs and feet with protective pads to reduce scratches and dents; not using
dollies and protective plywood when moving heavy objects; furniture or appliances having dirty
or improperly operating casters; spiked or damaged heels; pet clawing and scratching; falling or
dropping objects which could dent or fracture the floor and finish. Dents or scratches in the floor
caused by furniture, appliances, casters or normal foot traffic are also not to be covered by this

Improper Environment: Besides what has been mentioned in this warranty, other improper
environment includes but not limited to man-made or natural disaster, such as leaking or brokenplumbing, landscape watering or irrigation, fire, flood, earthquake, insect infestation, or standingwater during or after construction, excessive moisture infiltrated from side walls, sub-floor or
any other source. Normal wearing of the finish in high traffic areas, pivot points and seating
areas is also not to be covered by this warranty.

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